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The type of pool (polymer pools with vinyl liners, fiberglass pools concrete pools):

Polymer pools are the least expensive to install initially. Inground vinyl liner pools with polymer walls are constructed in your backyard which saves on shipment and installation costs in comparison to fiberglass pool installation. However, despite having the lowest initial construction cost, vinyl pool liners for polymer wall pools need to be replaced approximately every 7 to 10 years, which will increase what you spend during the lifetime of your pool.

Fiberglass pools are more expensive than polymer swimming pools but, when maintained properly, they typically do not need repairs or refinishing of the surface for decades. Fiberglass pools are made in a factory and shipped to your home by delivery truck. The pool will arrive as one piece that will be lowered into the prepared hole. Fiberglass pool installation in the Charlotte area typically takes less time than polymer pool installation as well.

Concrete pools are more expensive than fiberglass pools but there are no limits to the customization of shape, size, and upgrades. All types of configurations are possible including swim-outs, sitting ledges, disappearing walls, and bubblers. These features are also available for fiberglass pools but the configurations are limited. For concrete pool construction in the Charlotte area, a hole is prepared for the desired pool shape and configuration. Rebar is installed to create the structure and then shotcrete or gunite is applied. The pool is then sprayed with plaster to create the finish and look you desire.

The scope of the project and pool installation location:

Pool construction in the Charlotte area requires heavy equipment access to the pool location on your property. If that location is not easily accessible, the impact on the cost of the pool installation could be substantial. Materials such as the pool walls or pool shell, dirt, concrete, stone and pavers can be costly to deliver if the pool is planned for construction in a difficult to access area.

AllPhase Exteriors & More doesn’t just install pools in the Charlotte area, we can also create the outdoor livings spaces that surround your pool such as patios, decks, pergolas, retaining walls, gazebos, and more. We are your one stop shop to make your backyard pool oasis dreams come to life. Of course, as the scope of the project grows, the cost increases as well. We will help you determine what features and what type of pool are best suited for your budget, whether constructed all at once or in phases over a period of time.

Looking to find out more about how we build swimming pools in the Charlotte, NC area? Check out our pool page with project gallery.

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“I was so impressed with the work that All Phase did for us! Our house is less than high-end, but they managed to install a gorgeous high-end back deck and make it look like it belongs there! They clearly value the quality of their work, were very responsive to questions we had and were even able to make pretty major changes on the fly. The crews were professional and safe. Would definitely recommend them for any home improvement projects.” – Amber H.

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