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 At AllPhase Exterior & More, we can replace your old windows and install new ones. A professionally installed window from us will pay for itself many times over by reducing energy costs, increasing the resale value of your home, and making it more comfortable and beautiful! 

Types of Windows:

Which one is best for you?

  1. Bay Windows are typically made up of three glass panels. The middle window is generally larger and is considered the “picture window,” whereas the other two side windows are typically smaller.
  2. Awning Windows are simple and minimalistic windows with hinges at the very top and can open to the outside from the bottom.
  3. Casement Windows are based on a side-hinge design. This window has an interior screen that opens and closes outward and is permanently attached to the window frame, unlike sliding windows.
  4. Double Hung Windows are rectangular windows with two sashes that can move up and down. The sashes slide in tracks and are locked with a latch in the middle.
  5. Fixed Frame Windows are the most basic style. This term typically alludes to windows that are inoperable and non-venting.
  6. Sliding Windows, better known as sliders, have sashes that glide left or right in either direction in a single frame, which allows for easy use.

After selecting the window option you would like, you can then choose the type of glass for your new window. There are several different grades, and you will want to ensure that you have made the best decision based on your energy efficiency goals. Below are the types of glass you can select.


Types of Glass

Which one is best for you?

  1. Clear Glass is the preferred material for home window panes. They are completely transparent and don’t have any color or tints added. With newer techniques such as glazing or cutting, as well as custom fitting, consumers now have the ability to “customize” the appearance of their windows. Additional enhancements include glazing options that help control heat loss and condensation.
  2. Low-E Glass, also known as Low-Emissivity, is made to minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that comes through your glass without reducing the amount of light that enters your home. In fact, such a coating can reflect up to 60% of the normally transmitted heat without inhibiting the amount of light that passes through the window.
  3. Double Glass windows, also known as double-pane or double-glazed windows, are windows that have two panes of glass set into each individual frame. The two glass panes have a small space between them, creating an air pocket that better insulates your home. Double glass windows offer stellar energy efficiency, better soundproofing, and overall increased interior comfort.


Choose the window type and glass option that best suits your needs and energy efficiency goals. Contact us for expert window replacement and installation services.

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